Linda's complete Restoration.

In September of 2004 I was in a really bad car accident.  I was left with my ankles crushed and my knees and feet severely damaged.  For the last 11 years I have seen all the Specialists with no relief.  I have consulted with Pain Management Doctors and have had multiple surgeries.  

For all of these years I have used a wheel chair, cane,  I was in pain very debilitating pain 24/7.  I infrequently left home because for me to walk or go anywhere exacerbates the pain.   Walking was putting the hand on the fire. I paid a high price to be able to come to church.

It felt like this accident had completely disturbed the life God gave me to had.  

But on Dec 13 2015, I came to Vineyard Church when a man from the ministry team at Bethel asked if he could pray for me.  He had seen me walking with a cane.  The second he started to pray for me I could feel healing.  It was like Baam.

I began to feel something in my back. It felt like God  movinglike a chiropractor.  I watched in awe as he had me sit down and take my shoes off.  One foot was about an inch longer than the other. I watched in awe as my foot grew in alignment with the other.  I had my shoes off and I could see my feet aligning as he was holding my feet with his hands.

When I stood up I was aware there was no pain anywhere in body.

It was like What?

Looking back it had been a feeling of everybody  had given up.  There was nothing more the doctors could do, there were no surgeries, medications, or procedures that could get me out of pain.  I had tried every kind of expensive injections.  

And in a nano second I was healed here.