When you come….

The word that most describes us as a church is this: ORGANICWe are a causal dress, relational church.  We value spontaneity and freedom.  Expect to see people move around, dance, and flag during our time of music and singing.  Children are invited to participate with us and free to express themselves under the guidance and supervision of parents.  

Youth have a time together several times each month on Sunday morning, but we encourage them to stay in with families on a regular basis.  


We say that our freedom is only limited by the freedom that others walk in as well.  We try to be mindful not to disrupt other people’s experience of encountering God in their own way.   Worship often lasts 45 mins to an hour, and we sometimes have a time of hearing what Papa God has to say and what He has been doing through the week.  Children are then released to their own groups.   The message and a time of prayer may last another hour.  We try to wrap up around noon on Sunday, but not always successfully.  Sometimes we invite people to stay longer and soak while others excuse themselves to leave on their own time table.