The Anchor is In

In 2012, Pastor Dave and his daughter Tirzah were watching a documentary on Mount Kilauea.  (Watch a clip below).   The film described the place where molten lava flowed into the ocean.  It is a place of cataclysmic encounter.  Explosions, boiling water, steam, and even water spouts hundreds of feet high appear at this intersection of land and water.  As they watched this spectacle together, God spoke into Dave’s spirit.  He said that the water represented the Word of God, and the molten lava represented the Power of God.  At the intersection of the two, the Glory of God is manifested.  

The next morning, as Dave was preparing to leave the house, he picked up a quarter that was lying on the dining room table.  Of course, it was Hawaii’s state quarter, with an engraving of Mt. Kilauea on the back. 

Bethany and Hebron

In 2009, God spoke independently to us within months that we are somehow associated with the historical cities of Bethany and Hebron.  See Pastor Dave’s notes for a fuller unpacking of this prophecy.  Briefly, Bethany speaks of healing and restoration, and Hebron speaks of royalty and destiny.  

PICC line is in:

In early 2016, Pastor Dave heard God say, “The PICC line is in!”  A PICC line is a long, thin, hollow tube that a doctor or nurse puts into a vein above the bend of your elbow. It is used to give you chemotherapy and other medicines. Not clear exactly what God is referring to, but it is certainly not referring to a portal for poison into the system.  God is indicating that a “portal” has been established to inject His SPIRIT!! We are still waiting for clarity.  

The anchor has fallen/ The sword has been planted:

Early spring 2016, two people saw visions within two weeks of one another during worship that may communicate the same thing.  During worship, a woman saw an anchor fall through the roof of the church and bury itself into the ground out of which water gushed out.  The next week, a man saw a giant sword plunged into the ground.